Saturday, 22 September 2012


Well we are all off the ferry.

We all have just parked up to say our goodbyes. There were plenty of smiles and I'll miss everyone on the convoy as they are a great bunch. We all know how much preparation and dedication it takes to come on convoy and we
have all shared a great experience.

There are children out in Lithuania who have next to nothing and it was amazing to see how grateful they were for the things we take for granted. The smiles on there faces were fantastic to see and I like to think we have changed their lives, maybe not a lot, or forever, but at least a little; because there is still a lot of work to be done.

I am now on the train from Hull to London. Everyone else is making their respective ways back to their daily lives.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and it gives you a reason to be a little more charitable or try something like this. It isn't easy, but it is rewarding and something that will stay with you forever!


Friday, 21 September 2012

Back towards hull

Well we're all up at breakfast waiting for the Ferry to dock. We are still due to arrive at 9am. I had a good sleep last night but it was warm onboard....and very choppy!! Some pictures of the sea at 6am this morning...

On the ferry

Well its been a long drive back and were all happy to be settled, safe and sound on the ferry back. We all enjoyed a buffet dinner, played some cards and enjoyed the views from the ferry.

Goodbye Zebrugge


I had a great night yesterday wondering around Brugge and sampling the local Belgium beers. Most of us have spent the day wondering around the picturesque town. We are now at Zebrugge port waiting the go-ahead to drive onto the ferry. I had a little lapse of concentration during the 20 minute drive from Brugge to the port and I started following another red van, which wasn't one of ours. Oppsss. No worries we were quickly back on route and should be on the ferry soon!

Change of plans

At lunch it became clear we weren't going to find accommodation in Venlo. Instead we aimed for Brugge, which is some distance from Venlo but usefully close to the ferry port saving us a few hours tomorrow. We've just found somewhere and are relaxing. Some shopping in Brugge tomorrow then heading for the port around 3:30. 7pm ferry and we should be back in Hull for 9 Saturday morning...!

Last day before the ferry tomorrow

We had a relaxing night last night wondering around the city and doing some shopping before heading back to the hotel. Some others chilled out at the hotel instead. I was shattered and was in my room watching some of the champions league footy before crashing out and falling to sleep around 10pm.

We all set of this morning at 7:30, and we are heading for Venlo in the Netherlands where we will aim to stop this evening. As with most nights, we haven't any accommodation planned but we'll try and sort something en route or once we are nearer.

Steve and Ian are aiming to meet us
in Venlo. In other news, Katy and Jo's heating system stopped working yesterday so they are driving with plenty of layers of clothes, gloves and blankets! Bless!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


A big thank you to Mick and Archie
who rose to the task of leading the convoy over the last few days while the convoy leaders went off to get their van fixed. Steve and Ian are now back with us and we have stopped for lunch. They were a little delayed having been stopped by the police twice to search their van! They also were stopped on the motorway for 5 hours due to an accident which happened just in front of them...

Pictures below of Mick and Archie arguing about whose turn it is to wash up, and my lunch which was tinned chicken in white sauce with potatoes - I've had better....

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Settled for the night

I wouldn't say we are staying in the ritz, or even a travelodge but the place we found was reasonable and clean enough. Imagine a hostel but slightly better. Anyway we are settled for the night in Magdeberg, Germany. Just having a wonder around the town then hitting the sack. We've also heard from Steve and Ian, who have just hit the German border, so they may make it to us tonight; if they don't they'll at least be near enough to catch us up tomorrow.

Making up time

Steve and Ian, the convoy leaders headed off to get their vans fixed early doors this morning. The rest of us have been on the road since 8am with only a few breaks which are required by law. Every 4 and half hours you have to have a 45 minute break.

Hannover was the aim for today. We hit the German border about 1:30pm

We have also just had news that Steve and Ian's van is almost fixed (much later than expected). However, there is no way they will be making Hanover tonight, or anywhere near, as they are too far back.

We can't find any hotels in Hanover because everywhere is fully booked due to some exhibition. Using the phone on my internet I have found a hotel in somewhere called Magdeberg, so we are off to check it out. It's one star and when I asked if he had food, he said he only had bread in. Anyway, we'll check it out.

The weather today has been what I would describe as typically English. This morning was heavy rain and we all had out waterproofs on. Now the sun is shining!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Still moving slowly

Today we didn't exactly go to plan ;-)
The lead convoy van (Steve and Ian's) decided to completely die after we stopped for petrol. We managed to jump start it but some distance later Ian asked everyone to pull up since the van was on its death bed with nothing working. The lads (and lasses as you
will see from the photos) tried everything to get it going. The ladies commented ' never seen so many men around a van and none will admit they haven't a clue what is wrong' ;-). The van eventually got going but we called the night short and stopped at a hotel. The lorry recovery service have come out to the hotel to look at the van tonight. He didn't speak English but in non technical terms 'it is knackered' was the best translation we could
get. In the morning Ian and Steve will be off at the crack of dawn to go back some 50k to a service station to get the van fixed with some new parts. The rest of us will press on towards Hanover, Germany, a mammoth 600k away. Were planning on setting of at 8am. It has not been a productive day but as always it has been full of banter and laughter. My highlight was telling
Steve to use his indicators. His response was 'I am' which later became clear that even they had stopped working! Hope their 1977 van can keep going!! Watch this space and enjoy some pics: