Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Destination reached

We've hit the capital of Lithuania. Just unpacking in my room where I'll be for the next 5 days. Today we were on the road for 8:30am and got to the hotel around 8pm - a long time on the road. I enjoy driving, so it went quite quick - plenty of sugar from red bull and sweets probably helped me along the way. Lithuania seems, as expected, quite rural. There were lots of hitchhikers. We got stopped by the police twice, just after the border and en route, first time they checked our passports and when they noticed the humanitarian sticker on the side of our particular wagon they let us straight through without checking the load, which they were going to do initially. Second stop the police were just spot checking licenses. Anyway, we're settled for the night, time for some (more) food. I already feel half a stone fatter but eating ( especially yorkies) makes me feel like a true trucker...! Happy to be here and everyday closer to delivery day I realise from the stories the others tell me, just how much of a difference we can, and will make to our centre....

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