Friday, 7 September 2012

Great day

Today has been a fantastic day. Everyone has got to meet each other and mingle. We had a great night last night followed by a stay at a lovely hotel and great breakfast. We then made our way to royal mail hull to make the final preparations for our vans. We had a lovely buffet and our final brief before setting off on our first convoy journey - hull port. We had to wait an hour to board but spirits remained high and we pumped our stereos up to match our mood - anticipation and excitement. Now we're all aboard and relaxing, laughing away. Just about to set off to Zebrugge. The ferry is huge, numerous bars, cafes, a cinema and casino. and a dance floor which I may test later. A great day all around and looking forward to the drive tomorrow through Belgium, holland and Germany... Not your average drive to the supermarket!

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