Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back to the early starts after a few days relaxing

Last night we had a drivers' meeting at 7pm which was a chat about the journey back. The plan is to spend two nights in Poland, tonight and tomorrow. Wednesday night in Germany (around Hannover again) then Thursday in Bruges or (both Belgium). Friday evening were on the ferry overnight and should be back in Hull Saturday morning around 7am. That is the plan but obviously it may change as time goes on depending on our progress.

At the moment it's 7:30am Monday morning. We are setting off towards Poland today. Just packed the last of
my belongings in my room ready to check out. We are having breakfast at 8am with some representatives from the charity, Save The Children, then we're looking to head off around 9am.

Below are a few photos from the last few days. There are photos from Trakai castle, a car show and the t.v tower. Also some views from the t.v tower, most of which are woodland which I spent a lot of Sunday wondering
(lost) around. From the t.v tower it's
amazing how green Vilnius is. From
above, outside the central town area, the only noticeable things really are woodland and lots of grey apartments blocks, which I would imagine are still reminiscent from the soviet era.

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