Thursday, 13 September 2012

Duok Ranka - third stop ( day 7)

We arrived at our centre early this morning. The area where the centre was looked quite run down and full of old tall flat blocks. This morning a representative from the charity, Save The Children, Dovile,who we are working with showed us the way to the centre. Dovile also actually works at the centre we were delivering, and her face when we opened the back of the van said everything. She could not believe the amount of stuff we had. We packed the centre out with our boxes. The centre itself was very bare, so after they have opened and sorted out all our aid it will be lovely to see the difference. Even the other convoy vans helping us were shocked at the amount of aid we had managed to gather. The home usually has around 22 children in. It is quite small but they do not sleep at the centre. It is used for various reasons. For example, we were told one child comes after school to do home work and sleep before going home. At her home there are 8 people in one room. Another reason they attend is to get food as their families cannot afford to feed them. It is also used to give children a place to relax, and feel safe. This is place the children call home and speak about their problems because they trust the dedicated staff ( Aurelija, Doville, Lina) that work there. It's only 20 minutes from the centre but most the children have never been there...because they are scared and don't know what to expect. The government gives the centre only €100 per month support for everything which is awful. I am sure our aid will make a massive difference tithe kids which attend. We had to ogive Dovile who worked there 5 minutes towards the end as she was very emotional about the aid we had delivered, as were we!

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