Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Still moving slowly

Today we didn't exactly go to plan ;-)
The lead convoy van (Steve and Ian's) decided to completely die after we stopped for petrol. We managed to jump start it but some distance later Ian asked everyone to pull up since the van was on its death bed with nothing working. The lads (and lasses as you
will see from the photos) tried everything to get it going. The ladies commented ' never seen so many men around a van and none will admit they haven't a clue what is wrong' ;-). The van eventually got going but we called the night short and stopped at a hotel. The lorry recovery service have come out to the hotel to look at the van tonight. He didn't speak English but in non technical terms 'it is knackered' was the best translation we could
get. In the morning Ian and Steve will be off at the crack of dawn to go back some 50k to a service station to get the van fixed with some new parts. The rest of us will press on towards Hanover, Germany, a mammoth 600k away. Were planning on setting of at 8am. It has not been a productive day but as always it has been full of banter and laughter. My highlight was telling
Steve to use his indicators. His response was 'I am' which later became clear that even they had stopped working! Hope their 1977 van can keep going!! Watch this space and enjoy some pics:

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