Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Utena - second stop

Hello All. Yesterday the convoy I was in visited two homes. The second was in palace called Utena. This was a lovely home and when we arrived all the kids were outside awaiting our arrival. Their excitement was nice to see as they all teamed together to help us unload and the carry boxes into the home. The director of this home was obviously very dedicated. The home
holds around 22 children but it can also accommodate 3 families. The
home is part of the community and anyone can visit the centre if they are having problems at home, even
just for a break. The children are aged up to 18 but when they leave most keep in touch and the centre will hep where possible. We were shown around the whole centre by the director. The director even spent some time asking us all what we did at home and why we were here, which was very nice, and quite emotional!

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