Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Making up time

Steve and Ian, the convoy leaders headed off to get their vans fixed early doors this morning. The rest of us have been on the road since 8am with only a few breaks which are required by law. Every 4 and half hours you have to have a 45 minute break.

Hannover was the aim for today. We hit the German border about 1:30pm

We have also just had news that Steve and Ian's van is almost fixed (much later than expected). However, there is no way they will be making Hanover tonight, or anywhere near, as they are too far back.

We can't find any hotels in Hanover because everywhere is fully booked due to some exhibition. Using the phone on my internet I have found a hotel in somewhere called Magdeberg, so we are off to check it out. It's one star and when I asked if he had food, he said he only had bread in. Anyway, we'll check it out.

The weather today has been what I would describe as typically English. This morning was heavy rain and we all had out waterproofs on. Now the sun is shining!!

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