Monday, 10 September 2012


Apologises for the late blog, struggled to get internet signal until we settled at a hotel for the night. We headed off from gniezo to bydgoszcz then we settled at a place called olsztyn. Dinner was hard work since no one at the hotel speaks English. Managed to get some snitzel and chips and a few drinks! The hotel is decent so were all happy, since we'd tried a previous hotel which couldn't fit us all in ( and looked really dodgy). I think we're the only ones staying in the hotel but that's ok, since we are in the middle of nowhere. Today's driving was by far the hardest, polish drivers are crazy, we call them 'kamikaze' drivers - they take over on one way roads, dicing with death, with traffic going straight at them!!... Crazyyyy... We are all done, settling down now and looking forward to tomorrow, when we should hit Lithuania!!...

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